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Designer, Developer, Creator.

I look to create simple, original, and impactful products & solutions. I take on projects of all sizes; from brand and graphic design, through web design and creation, to product & enterprise application design.

James Sheil. Profile Picture.

I’m James Sheil, a Product Designer and UX lead, living and working in Dublin, Ireland.

  • I currently head up Product Design at WBT Systems in Dublin.
  • I've headed up and managed design at startups, and worked as a freelance designer.
  • I've also led the design and creative direction of a number of not-for-profits.

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"I aim to influence the next generation of digital products and solutions in a way that balances business, user, environmental and the needs of our society.

AI, machine learning and automation will steer the future of our workplace. I want to understand how I can have a pivotal impact in these areas, and help steer the next generation of digital solutions.

I want to connect with like minded individuals and learn from their work practices, perspectives and experience in other areas of business, technology and expertise."